Secondary Education Programme

WIK manages the strategic and day-to-day running of secondary schools in Dadaab and Kakuma. This involves recruiting and employing teachers, making sure there is access to materials like textbooks, exercise books, IT equipment, and stationery; building physical classrooms, teacher accommodation, and safe latrines. WIK recruits competent and qualified national and refugee teaching staff for delivery of quality education which enables our students to complete equally with the rest of the students from other parts of the country. In Dadaab Refugee Camp, WIK implements secondary education in 10 secondary schools with a student population of slightly over ten thousand students. In 2015, WIK commenced implementation of Secondary Education in Kakuma. Currently, there are seven secondary schools with an enrolment of over thirteen thousand students.

Quick Facts

  • The schools follow the 8-4-4 education system and are registered by the Ministry of Education.
  • Students sit the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education(KCSE) at the end of the fourth year.
  • KCSE grade is a key determinant in accessing available post-secondary education opportunities.
  • Education provided is free.
  • This education training has provided young refugees with opportunity to develop leadership skills and capacities which contribute positively to their communities both in protracted settings and in post conflict reconstruction areas.
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