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Two secondary schools in one,Kakuma refugee camp

Secondary Education Program

Wars deprive millions of children of an education, yet education is a human right and a powerful tool for transforming the society. WIK implements Secondary education Programme on behalf of UNHCR in seven schools in Dadaab refugee camp and Five Secondary school in Kakuma. We achieve this by ensuring that there are qualified and well trained teachers and efficient school administration, learning facilities and textbooks, address Constraints for girls access to secondary education, strengthen co-curriculum activities (sports), enhancement of educational collaboration, Strengthen community participation in secondary education, guidance & counselling. The programme reaches out to over 15,000 refugee students both in Dadaab and Kakuma.


WUSC-SRP 2018 Windle team from Nairobi and UK

Tertiary Education Program

Windle International Kenya, has a limited number of direct scholarships in tertiary education.We manage tertiary programs funded by United Nations High Commissiner for Refugees (UNHCR), World University Service of Canada(WUSC),DFiD,DD Puri Foundation,Global Affairs Canada (GAC),Windle Trust International UK and individuals .The students are enrolled both public and private universities in Kenya and overseas countries.The central activity of the Windle International Kenya is provision of educational advice and career counselling to ensure that qualified candidates make informed career choices.


Inset:KEEP Scholarship beneficiary receives an award from the KEEP Senior Education programme officer for exemplary academic performance during the 2017 scholarship girls’ conference in Garissa.

Girls Eduaction

This project seeks to create conditions for learning that will allow approximately 29,000 marginalized girls from Kakuma and Dadaab refugee camps and the surrounding host communities to stay in school as long as possible, attain at least functional literacy and numeracy, be safe and supported at school and at home, and make successful transitions at critical life stages. In its continuum phase, the project will pursue to deliver significant results in terms of improved learning outcomes (literacy and numeracy); increased numbers of girls remaining in school and transitioning to the next grade (attendance and transition rates); and a positive supportive environment that values and promotes girls’ learning (sustainable changes in community behaviour). The programme is centred towards the delivery of the three key components thus learning, transition and sustainability. The three critical elements are necessary for successful education outcomes: a supportive home and community environment, a school environment conducive for teaching and learning, and a motivated, empowered learner.


English langauge as a medium.Inset:students taking English lessons in the camps.

English Language Program

The English Language Program is geared towards giving the refugee community the much needed communication skills in English. The target groups include the youth, women, community leaders, refugee staff and students. The certificate and knowledge earned from the program help the beneficiaries to acquire sharpened skills in communicating in English hence able to secure jobs and scholarships, start up and run small enterprises efficiently, access basic services within the camps and live harmoniously in the multilingual, multicultural society.

Our classes are known to be inclusive and provide even platforms for positive interaction between different societies and cultures within the camps since they are open to all that desire to learn English language. English Language Programme classes have often been a level ground for objective discussions on major issues that face the refugee community and even a source of answers to some fundamental questions that lie within the constituents of the camps. Notable majority of our beneficiaries have not only come out as better students, entrepreneurs, workers or leaders, but also better neighbors and indeed more open minded individuals in the society.






Sports for Peace