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Teacher Training Programme launch,2018

A cross section of partners from UNHCR,UNICEF,War Child Canada,Utrecht University, Kenyatta University and some of our beneficiaries who participated in the Teacher Training Programme launch, at Kakuma refugee camp organised by Windle International Kenya.The project aims improving student learning outcomes by enhancing teachers’ Skills. Read more...

Innovation Meets Education-Dadaab/Kakuma

The introduction of ATM debit cards for all students in the secondary school scholarship programmes was indeed an exciting phenomenon among students. The card enables students to access their upkeep and travel allowance from any ATM outlet across the country. In addition, being VISA enabled scholars can access the services from any banks outlets with ATM lobbies. Purchasing of goods at supermarkets and stores that allow credit card has safeguarded the scholars security by not transacting using lumps sums of money hence prone to robbery incidences. Before then, the cards were only available to the sponsored students in universities and colleges.This is indeed an efficient, reliable and secure means of disbursing funds to students as compared to the contemporary previous methods. The funds now reach the intended beneficiaries on time and with a minimal transfer charges. The students can make partial withdrawals depending on their needs and will not need to keep money in their dormitories as has been the practice with some students. Such practices exposed them to misuse of their allowances and risk of losing it.In addition, students can now make little deposits into their bank accounts as each ATM card comes with a bank account for the respective student. Such encourages a saving culture amongst the students at an early stage in life.

A majority of the students were not conversant with transacting using ATM card, its functionality and neither they had some students ever came across it or ever heard of it at all. Therefore, their introduction student was a whole new innovation & technology to them something to be proud of and consequently, motivated the students to remain in the scholarship programme, if not for anything else, just for the sake of owning one. The students were informed of forfeiting the card in the event one left the scholarship programme.On the other hand, the students were trained on how to use the ATM cards. In addition the students were briefed on theft cases at ATM lobbies and how to safeguard themselves against such vices. They were also advised to be responsible with their bank accounts and not to be caught in criminal activities involving their bank accounts. Each would be accountable for her actions in relation to her bank account transactions