Girls in a remedial class in Dadaab, Ifo 1

Guidance & Counselling

Windle International Kenya apart from encouraging the students to attain good grades, the organization is also keen that the students are able to fit in the society by helping them understand themselves and their world in order to make positive adjustment to their lives. To achieve this the organization counselling sytem uses three approaches:
a. Individual Counselling: This is one-to-one counselling. It helps the students to understand himself/herself, clarify and direct his/her thought, in order to make a worthwhile decision.
b. Group Counselling: The counselling session involves at least ten students with a similar problem or whose problems have a similar resolution.
c. General counselling/mentorship: This is general advice to students collectively on topical issues aimed at helping change behaviour positively.

Windle International Kenya Classification of Counselling

a. Educational Counselling:
This comprises problems that could be of learning, teaching and that of education generally. This counselling will involve creating awareness amongst students on importance of education, educational opportunities available to them, career prospects. During counselling interactions attempts shall be made to come up with answers to such important questions as How, when, what, where and why to study. Students many also need help to get acquainted with learning process, understanding use of school time effectively, self-study, peer study and how to deal with excessive anxieties at examination time and fear of failure.
b. Personal Social Counselling:
This comprises problems which include personality and life in general which affect students and disrupt their learning or a capable of disrupting their education. This is component of the Guidance and Counselling is concerned with students positive behaviour that enables them to live and adapt themselves peacefully and positively in any community.
c. Vocational Counselling:
This comprises problems and challenges on training, career choice, making and adjustment in school. This shall provide students with a better understanding of the world of work and how they fit in as students. Vocational guidance and counselling shall help students starting recognizing and matching their personal attributes and talents with future employment opportunities. This helps the students to start seeing education as an important step towards their future and develop a love for it.