Girls in a remedial class in Dadaab, Ifo 1

About WIK BOM Engagement in Schools

WIK engages with Boards of Management (BOM) in 84 schools within Dadaab and Kakuma Refugee Camps, Kalobeyei Integrated Settlement and the surrounding host communities of Turkana West, Dadaab, Fafi and Wajir South sub counties as part of its objective to improve school governance.
The BOM engagements includes the following:
Trainings- to strengthen the capacity of the BOM to support the school’s physical environment as well as the schools teaching and learning activities. Trainings are anchored on the Basic Education Act outlining the role of BOM and relevant Government policies as well as financial management and school improvement planning. Post Training Follow-Ups-Visits - to schools to provide additional coaching and to identify any extra support required by respective schools.WIK follow-up visits also reinforce the cascading of training content to BOM members who may not have participated in training sessions before. Small Grants- WIK has since 2020 through a competitive process awarded small grants to School Boards of Management. The grants are intended to support the implementation of School Improvement Plans, specifically to create a positive, supportive environment that values and promotes girls’ education