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Raising Complaints and Concerns

Windle International Kenya (WIK) is committed to handling complaints concerns, originating both internally and externally, in a clearly defined, effective and expeditious manner. WIK has put in place systems and procedures including a whistle blowers policy that provide guidelines for beneficiaries, staff and stakeholders to raise concerns and complaints in a confidential manner for WIK Management to investigate and provide response. WIK has zero tolerance approach to any form of abuse and has put in place measures to prevent and protect beneficiaries and stakeholders working with us as reflected in Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy, Human Resource Manual, Organization Code of conduct and Code of conduct relating to child protection and safeguarding. WIK therefore seeks to maintain its reputation as an organization delivering high quality and accountable services and is committed to maintaining its responsiveness to the needs and concerns of beneficiaries, staff and stakeholders. However, when we don’t meet our own standards as it might happen sometimes, we want to hear about it, deal with it as quickly as possible and put measures to stop it happening again. We therefore take complaints concerns very seriously and treat them as an opportunity for us to grow and develop

Safety and confidentiality

WIK will handle complaints and concerns confidentially and with high respect. However, names and contact of the complainant(s) might be shared only with those handling the case or investigating.

How to share your complaints and concerns with us

  0800720386  (Contact us through our toll free line)  (Complaint or concern related to protection)  (For integrity or fraud related)

You can submit your complaint to the nearest WIK office either in;

1  Nairobi
Windle International Kenya,No 10 Amboseli Rd, Off Gitanga Road

2  Dadaab
Windle International Kenya,DMO Office

3  Kakuma
Windle International Kenya,Compound 2 Office.

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