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BPRM Programme

The project is implemented by WIK and WUSC whose mandate is to improve retention and performance of girls in Kakuma and Dadaab refugee Camps, improve community support and involvement in girls’ education in refugee camps,surrounding communities and improve the quality of education in targeted host community schools.Currently the number of girl’s’ transitioning to secondary schools has increased tremendously through the support of teaching & learning materials, enhanced teacher to student ratio to meet national standards,remedial classes to help girls catch up on their studies and improve in their performance as well as enhance girl’s retention techniques & improved performance. This contributes to empowerment of girl’s through education and transformation of societies.

How to Apply

Windle International scholarships are advertised and awarded on specific times of the year.Visit WIK offices in Dadaab,Kakuma and Nairobi for more information and related requirements

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