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Borderless Higher Education for Refugees [BHER]

The Borderless Higher Education for Refugees (BHER) project is a multi-partner initiative that delivers university education to refugee and local community populations in Dadaab, Kenya. The project is run by a consortium of 4 universities (York University, University of British Columbia, Kenyatta University and Moi University) and is implemented by Windle International Kenya, which coordinates the academic programs activities of the universities.

The BHER project aims to enhance the life chances of vulnerable youth from refugee and local communities, and to build educational and teaching capacity in situ. Its ultimate goal is to afford refugees a greater likelihood of successful and productive repatriation to their home country when possible, and a rise in the quality of education in host /home countries concerned with building peaceful, equitable and socially inclusive societies.

How to Apply

Windle International scholarships are advertised and awarded on specific times of the year.Visit Scholarships Page to view the latest adverts

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Scholarship Information

  • IntakeMay -August
  • Course Duration 2yrs-5yrs
  • Skill Level KCSE -O level
  • MediumEnglish
  • Assesments Interviews
  • Course fee Sponsored

Please note scholarship requirements and information shared in WIK public website is subject to change.

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Windle International Kenya Exec.Director, Dr.Marangu at Moi University 37th graduation ceremony.Windle Intl. Kenya and Moi university have an MOU to support higher education for refugees.On 20/12/2018, 21 BHER students graduate with a BSC in Community Health Education.