About Whistleblowing
  • Whistle blowing is the act of reporting any suspected wrongdoing within an organization to person of authority internally or externally. Such wrong doing could include bribery,fraudulent payments, abuse of office, favoritism, manipulation of records, wastage of organization’s resources, and disclosure of illegal, unethical or harmful practices in the work place, failure to comply with any law or applicable procedures and guidelines relating to procurement.
  • Whistle blowing is also known as “making a disclosure in the public interest.”
  • Internal whistleblowing involves staff members across WIK raising concerns about unethical conduct.
  • External whistleblowers are non-staff of WIK. External whistleblowers can fall into any of these categories:Contractors,Service providers,Consultant,Job applicants,StudentsGeneral public
  • Principles
    This policy is guided by five key principles
  • All concerns raised will be treated fairly and properly
  • WIK will not tolerate any form of harassment or victimization of anyone raising a genuine concern
  • Any individual making a disclosure will retain her/his anonymity unless he/she agrees otherwise
  • WIK will ensure that any individual raising a concern is aware of who is handling the matter.
  • WIK will ensure that no one is at risk of suffering some form of retaliation as a result of raising a concern. However, this assurance shall not be extended to someone that maliciously raises a matter that is known to be untrue.

  • Online Reporting form