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WIK History

Windle International Kenya is a non-governmental organization in Kenya and a member of Windle Trust International Federation. The Federation comprises of Windle Trust International UK, Windle International Ugunda,Windle Trust International Sudan,and Hugh Pilkington Charitable Trust Ethiopia.Windle International Kenya started its operations in 1977 to assist the refugees and the needy Kenyans.


WIK believes that “Education Transforms Society.


To bring inspiration,empowerment and hope to every Windle International Kenya student


Our Mission as Windle International Kenya is to transform the society and entirely change the world through education. It may sound idealistic but this has been our mandate for over Four decades, with support from our donors the host communities, beneficiaries and staff through their immense contributions. We will continue to provide education which has unparalleled ability to open doors, create opportunities and change the way we think

Core Values

Our core values have the acronym TRACE: Trust,Respect,Accountability,Committment and Equity.They were developed by staff to embody what Windle International Kenya stands for, what drives us,what we believe in and what directs our decisions, actions and relationships with others on a daily basis.The values are important mechanisms for motivating staff as they engage in programmes that build human capital amongst refugee communities and needy Kenyans.