About Windle International-Kenya

Windle International Kenya (WIK) is humanitarian organization that supports and implements education interventions for refugees in Kenya. The organization also provides targeted support for host communities in Dadaab and Kakuma Refugee Camps to access quality education and training. WIK was set-up in 1977 by Dr. Hugh Austin Windle Pilkington who strongly believed that education has an undisputed role in promoting positive lasting change and transformation in Africa.

He is an alumnus of Cambridge and Oxford Universities where he studied for his Bachelors and doctorate degrees respectively.

When his calling for missionary and humanitarian work beckoned, he travelled to Africa as a missionary involved in Bible translation. In 1972, Dr. Hugh joined the Theology and Philosophy Department at the University of Nairobi, Kenya.

He pursued interest in ancient scriptural texts, particularly the book of proverbs and its early manuscripts of Coptic origin written in Ge’ez, an almost extinct church language of Ethiopia. His doctoral thesis, which he was awarded from Oxford in 1979, was on the Ethiopic version of the Book of Proverbs and remains the only scholarly record of this topic.

Dr. Hugh’s first contact with refugees was with two young Ethiopian refugees that he hired to teach him Ge’ez. These young refugees had fled violence in Ethiopia, desperate to continue their education but unable to do so. Through this contact with the refugees, he became increasingly concerned on the plight of refugees in Kenya, which influenced his vocation: ’To help rebuild the lives of young Africans driven from their countries because of political beliefs and ethnic origins.”

In 1980, Hugh left his university post and dedicated himself full time to providing educational opportunities, particularly for refugees.

Using his own funds and academic connections, he sought to secure places at Universities in Africa and overseas (UK, North America and as far abroad as Fiji and Sri Lanka) to give them an opportunity to fulfil their education potential

A brilliant scholar himself, Hugh believed that good education was key to promoting positive change in Africa and that the solutions and opportunities for peaceful development are contained within Africa and its people through access to good educational opportunities.

In 1988, Hugh Pilkington was tragically killed in a car accident while on a tour of Canadian Universities to speak about the plight of African Refugees.

Today, Dr. Hugh Austin Windle Pilkington’s legacy lives in the work of Windle International Kenya and the significant impact we make in supporting refugees and host communities through provision of education opportunities.

WIK believes that “Education Transforms Society.
A global family of educated empowered and engaged people from conflict affected backgrounds leading peaceful, dignified and productive lives.
To create lasting change and transformation in society by delivering quality education and training, advocating for and influencing education policy for refugees, the needy and conflict affected communities in Kenya.

Trust :We conduct business in an honest, trustworthy and transparent manner,

Respect :We value and uphold the dignity, potential, worth and right of every human being,

Accountability :We assure value for money and good stewardship of resources entrusted to us,

Committment :We strive to attain the highest standards in all that we do and work together effectively to serve humanity,

Equity :We uphold and promote elimination of barriers for equitable access to opportunities for all.