Tertiary Education Programme

With the support of different donors, WIK manages Tertiary Education Scholarships at certificate, diploma, degree and post graduate levels. The scholarships are provided in training institutions in Kenya, Canada and United Kingdom. The basic criteria for award of scholarship may include factors like academic qualifications, demonstration of financial need, engagement in community service, age among others. Each year, WIK receives an overwhelming number of applications against very limited scholarship opportunities available since the funding for this level of education is also limited. This makes the awarding process is very competitive.

The application process will involve document verification and equivalency process, written and oral interviews. Depending on the scholarship programme, WIK facilitates university/college placements and payment of tuition and related fees. WIK also facilitates remitting of stipends to the successful applicants for their living expenses where applicable. Specific WIK programme staff are designated duties in monitoring and evaluation, guidance and counselling and other responsibilities that contribute to the overall smooth management of the respective scholarship programme.

WIK also undertakes post-degree monitoring of alumni upon graduation to access their transition into the job market or other opportunities while providing guidance and mentorship. Over the years, WIK’s higher education scholarship opportunities have served as a foundation for social and professional development, allowing our beneficiaries to build careers in competitive fields of employment. The social returns of these programmes exceed investment at the individual level. Highly educated refugees reduce economic and psychological dependence, improving their self-reliance and offering long-term solutions.