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About Windle International Kenya[WIK]

WIK is a non-governmental organization in Kenya established in 1977 by the late Dr. Hugh Austin Pilkington, the organization has grown from humble beginnings providing basic communication skills to refugees through the English Language Programme to an organization that has spread out its wings towards providing education to the Tertiary, Secondary education, Primary education, Teacher training and above all Education Scholarships. Read more...

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Windle International Kenya (WIK) is a non-governmental organization in Kenya and a member of Windle International Federation. The Federation comprises of Windle International UK, Windle International Uganda, Windle international Sudan, Windle International South Sudan and Hugh Pilkington Charitable Trust in Ethiopia. Founded in 1977 by Dr.Hugh Pilkington , WIK operations target to support refugees and needy Kenyans through education interventions and initiatives .Dr Hugh highly valued education and believed that good education was key to promoting positive change in Africa. It is from his vision that WIK derives its motto -Education Transforms Society..


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