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WIK implements undergraduate and post graduate studies for students who have met the entry requirements for local universities and colleges.

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Located in the Northeastern part of Kenya. It’s one of the largest refugee camps in the world. Windle International Kenya (WIK) in partner with other donors offers Education to the refugee society through local institutions of learning and also in foreign countries. In this region WIK rns a number of programs namely,Secondary education programme (SEP),Kenya equity in education programme (KEEP),DAFI scholarship programme,Borderless High Education for Refugees progamme (BHER),World Unversity Service of Canada programme (WUSC),English language programme (ELP), Education for Refugee communities in Kenyas programme(EERCK).Find out more on the programmes.»»WIK programmes.

Population statistics : source,UNHCR-Website.


Located in Northwest of Kenya. It currently hosts a considerable number of refugees. WIK implements a number of programs in this region which include but not limited to World Universities Service of Canada(WUSC-SRP) Student Refugee Program which assists the students to study outside the country, Girl Child Education(GCE) project, Kenya Equity in Education Project (KEEP) both of which have targeted support for marginalized girls and boys in Northern Kenya by improving the access and quality of education for refugees and host communities.

In 2015 WIK through UNHCR was mandated to manage secondary education program ( SEP) in the Kakuma camp which has a population of about 4000 students and also scholarships both for those with Special Needs, protection issues and top performers from the camp.

WTK also provides Kakuma Library Services Program ( KLSP), funded by Social Fund for Development ( SFD) under the French Embassy.