Vocational Training

WIK supports male scholars from Kakuma to train at Eastlands College of Technology (ECT) in Nairobi. The training is a 24-month program that combines technical coursework, business management, and industry apprenticeships at the end of each term. The scholars are undertaking training courses in Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Technology and Electricals Technology.

WIK ensure that the students get quality training as they have access to adequate facilities such as the well-equipped workshops, classrooms and computer laboratories. For the Vocational scholarship beneficiaries, this opportunity means:-

  • Transformed lives: The students will be equipped with technical skills that will set them up on a path of employment or entrepreneurship.
  • Thus, they are being empowered to engage in productive and sustainable livelihoods upon completion of studies.
  • Furthermore, the exposure to life outside the camps will ultimately broaden their minds and perspectives.