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Short Video clips from our beneficiaries

Published on Jun 28, 2012 ,The short story of Mowlid, a DAFI scholar who has braved the plight of displacement from his home country and achieved much in life. Mowlid's great ambition, inspired by the transformation that education brings into society, drives him into the future.

July 2010 .A short video clip of testimonies of the DAFI Sponsored graduates in Kenya from the University of Nairobi in December 2011. Their graduation reception was held at Windle Trust Kenya office in Nairobi.

Uploaded on Jan 18, 2011 A short video coverage of the testimony of the graduation luncheon for Dr. John Biar Anyieth, the Highland Foundation (UK) sponsored graduate in Kenya. He graduated from Moi University, Eldoret in Kenya with a bachelors degree in Medicine and Surgery on Friday, December 10th 2010. The reception was held at Windle Trust Kenya office in Nairobi.

August 6,2010 .A short video coverage of testimony of Diing, a beneficiary of the DDPuri Foundation Scholarship program in Kenya. The students graduated from from St. Mary's Teachers Training College in Bura Voi and Islamic Teachers Training College in Mombasa city in July 2010. The reception was at Windle Trust Kenya office in Nairobi city..