Prospective vendors are advised to read and follow instructions carefully.

1. Only the paid for documents will be accepted for prequalification.Once the potential supplier downloads the document,they must make the payment of KSHs 1000 (One Thousand Shillings) on submission and obtain an official receipt.

2. Download and fill the pre-qualification documents

3. Fill and submit the online form shared in the link below.

For ONLY further claification and inquiries send an email to procurement@windle.org

  • Prequalification document for 2018 to 2019    Valid

  • Suppliers Details Forms   Valid

  • Local suppliers within areas where the projects are operational are encouraged to apply.

    Interested eligible suppliers may inspect and obtain a complete set of pre-qualification documents in English from the office of:

    A complete set of prequalification documents in a plain sealed envelope clearly marked the Code No# and Item Description without the name & address of the Bidder, shall be returned to the above address and Deposited in the Tender Box situated at the reception at the office located at

    Windle International Kenya
    No 10 Amboseli Rd, Off Gitanga Road

    BHER Learning Center

    WIK Kakuma Office

    On or before 12:00 noon 1-10-2018