• DD Puri Foundation

    DD Puri Foundation has been supporting refugees from Kakuma and Dadaab Refugee Camps to access tertiary education since 2007. Through partnership with Windle International Kenya, thirty-seven refugees have benefitted from the award of DD Puri Foundation Education Scholarships, to date. The success over the years, in partnership with WIK, inspired the Foundation to expand the scholarship program through the SCORE Project which launched in 2015.

    More education training programs at diploma level were introduced with scholarships being awarded annually. The courses include hands on training in Water Engineering, Nursing, Information Technology and Business Information Technology, that seeks to equip students with valuable skills in these high demand industry sectors.

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    Inset:Vicrum and Rachel Puri from DD Puri Foundation with a section of SCORE Students at JKUAT

  • Innovation & E-learning centers

    The project aims creating an Innovation and E-Learning centres which are solar powered and learning tablets. The refugee students, pupils and teachers have access to digital educational content and the internet over Safaricomís mobile network. The centres are managed by trained teachers.The project is supported by UNHCR,Vodafone/Safaricom foundation.

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