• Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative Fund (DAFI)

    In 1992, the Government of Germany initiated the Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative (DAFI), which provides full scholarships to deserving young refugees at universities, colleges and polytechnics in their host countries.

    In Kenya, Windle International Kenya (WIK) is the implementing partner for the DAFI project, on behalf of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). WTK has been implementing the program on behalf of the UNHCR since 2005. As at December 2014, the DAFI project had supported a total of 265 scholars (86 female and 179 male) since its inception. This includes the 123 scholars (39 female, 84 male) which the project supported between January and December 2014

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    Inset: DAFI Career day in Dagahaley Secondary School,Dadaab 2014

  • English Language Programme (ELP)

    The need to promote coexistence within the camps and have a unifying common language amidst people from different linguistic backgrounds has been pivotal to this programme. Windle International Kenya offers this not only to promote co-existence but also as a protection tool to the women in the camps to aid in articulating their issues well without an interpreter. The training also imparts teachers with skills and knowledge in implementing education curriculum in schools at both Dadaab and Kakuma camps.

    Inset: Students learning english as a language in both Dadaab & Kakuma refugee camp.

  • Education for Refugee communities in Kenyas and Host Communities(EERCK)

    EERCK is a project implemented by WIK and WUSC whose mandate is to improve retention and performance of girls in Kakuma and Dadaab refugee Camps, improve community support and involvement in girls’ education in refugee camps,surrounding communities and improve the quality of education in targeted host community schools.Currently the number of girl’s’ transitioning to secondary schools has increased tremendously through the support of teaching & learning materials, enhanced teacher to student ratio to meet national standards,remedial classes to help girls catch up on their studies and improve in their performance as well as enhance girl’s retention techniques & improved performance. This contributes to empowerment of girl’s through education and transformation of societies.

  • Borderless High Education for Refugees (BHER)

    BHER aimsimprove the equitable delivery of quality education in refugee camps and adjacent local communities through university training opportunities which will prepare a new generation of male and female teachers; (2) create targeted, continuing opportunities for young men and women in university programs that will enhance their employability through portable certificates, diplomas and degrees; (3) build the capacity of Kenyan academic institutions that already offer onsite/on-line university degree programs to vulnerable and marginalized groups.View this Project »

    Inset: Students in computer labaratory in BHER centre in Dadaab refugee camp.