• Kenya Equity in Education (KEEP)

    WUSC, along with Windle International Kenya (WIK), will help marginalized girls and boys in northern Kenya by improving the access and quality of education in four target communities (Turkana West, Fafi/Lagdera,Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps where WUSC and WIK currently operate). The project will work towards,building girl-friendly school environments, providing targeted support to female learners, and generating parent and community support for girlsí education.View this Project »

    Inset: Girls in counseling session in one of the refugee camps in Dadaab

  • Secondary Education Programme (SEP)

    Wars deprive millions of children of an education, yet education is a human right and a powerful tool for transforming the society. WIK implements secondary education in seven schools in Dadaab refugee camp. We achieve this by ensuring that there are qualified and well trained teachers and efficient school administration,learning facilities and textbooks, address Constraints for girls access to secondary education, strengthen co-curriculum activities (sports), enhancement of educational collaboration, Strengthen community participation in secondary education,guidance & counseling. WIK has a special programme which is in Kuria & Migori Districts in which it supports farmers' children secondary school.

  • World University Service of Canada (WUSC) programme

    The continued partnership between WUSC &WIK through student refugee programe (SRP) has seen at least 795 students being resettled in Canada since its inception. Further, these young students successfully graduate and become professionals in various careers in Nursing, Engineering, and Social work among others. The programme has nurtured a culture of giving back to the society among the WUSC alumniís whereby they support their own back in the camps. For instance, WUSC Alumni at Kakuma are currently supporting a girl at Turkana Girlís high school and sheís expected to sit for her K.C.S.E this year (2015). The Dadaab WUSC Alumniís dubbed are currently supporting the seven secondary schools with learning materials and remedial classes for form four students. This is a milestone achievement in supporting education among refugees.

  • Borderless High Education for Refugees (BHER)

    BHER aimsimprove the equitable delivery of quality education in refugee camps and adjacent local communities through university training opportunities which will prepare a new generation of male and female teachers; (2) create targeted, continuing opportunities for young men and women in university programs that will enhance their employability through portable certificates, diplomas and degrees; (3) build the capacity of Kenyan academic institutions that already offer onsite/on-line university degree programs to vulnerable and marginalized groups.View this Project »

    Inset: Students in computer labaratory in BHER centre in Dadaab refugee camp.

  • Return Out Of School Children To School (ROCís)

    Return out of school children to school (ROCís) is new initiative funded by UNICEF and implemented by Windle International Kenya (WIK) at the host communities at Turkana and Garissa counties with an aim of bringing back 17,000 out of school children to School by year 2018. The key project supported measures include Child to Child Tracking, School parent association trainings, Teacher training on child friendly school environment, Incorporation of ICT in education, Classroom rehabilitation and Water and Sanitation support. The programme works closely with key stakeholders such as the Ministry of Education, Teachers service commission, County Governments and Local Communities to ensure sustainability of supported measures.

    Inset: Pupils receive learning materials which inlude writting pads, bags and dignity kits in Dadaab and Garissa county.

  • Secondary Education Sports For Peace Programme

    This Programme is funded by UNICEF and Implemented by Windle International Kenya in the 7 secondary schools and one Host community school Dadaab. The secondary education sports for peace programme seeks to increase enrollment of Secondary school learners as well as their retention in the targeted schools through the targeted support on teacher and school board of management trainings, Infrastructure rehabilitation, support on co-curricular activities and provision of teaching and learning materials. The programme aims at using sports as a medium of integrating peace and cohesion between the refugees and the host communities.