Windle Trust Kenya | FAQs

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Education ?

We believe education has the capacity to improve lives and transform communities in the world. This is reflected in our motto, ‘Education transforms society’. Education is key to all social, political and economical development as well as achievement of all convectional human rights. Our focus on education is aimed at development of human resources by offering educational opportunities and training for needy Kenyans and refugees to enhance their intellectual growth so that they may improve their lives, transform society and provide competent and caring global leadership. This will in turn benefit their host countries up on repatriation.

How are scholarships funded ?

Windle Trust Kenya manages scholarships from different sponsors. The organization has established infrastructure and expertise in scholarship management. Different sponsors get into an agreement with WTK on the management scholarship. To learn more on how you can get involved in sponsoring a needy deserving individual, contact Windle Trust Kenya Office

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What is the procedure of scholarships application ?

All scholarship opportunities are posted on the ,web site,notice boards,on o upon which application forms are collected from the WTK office at no charge. The filled application form is returned to the WTK offices. The scholarship panel is set to carry out the selection as per the set criteria. The selection is set to be transparent as possible. For any query, contact:

What if am not satisfied with the selection in the WTK programme as a beneficiary?

Any complain is addressed in writing to the Executive Director, Windle Trust Kenya. A response and appropriate action will be taken.

Whom do we help ?

Windle Trust Kenya through others donors and partners supports refugees and host communities through education.