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Today in history

Dr Hugh valued education highly and believed that good education was key to promoting positive change in Africa. He became increasingly concerned with the plight of African refugees arriving in Kenya and with the need for educational development in Kenya.

He opened his home in Nairobi to refuges from other parts of Africa particularly from Ethiopia & Eritrea and subsequently financed their education in Universities in the United Kingdom, North America and as far abroad as Fiji.

This became his vocation for a decade till his death on 16th October 1986. Since Hugh’s death, Windle International Kenya as a member of Windle Trust International federation not only provides education to help individuals but equips them to promote stable development in their communities through work as doctors, teachers, community leaders, nurses, managers, technical experts, lawyers, social workers and many others pursuing Hugh’s vision for Africa to meet her challenges.

WIK Motto

WIK believes that “Education Transforms Society.

Our Vision

To bring inspiration,empowerment and hope to every Windle International Kenya student

Our Mission

To provide, promote and coordinate quality education and training for refugees in Kenya and for needy Kenyans, so as to transform both their lives and that of their communities.

WIK Core Values

Our core values have the acronym TRACE:

They were developed by staff to embody what Windle International Kenya stands for, what drives us,what we believe in and what directs our decisions, actions and relationships with others on a daily basis.The values are important mechanisms for motivating staff as they engage in programmes that build human capital amongst refugee communities and needy Kenyans.