Windle Trust Kenya
  • Today in History

    In 1977,Hugh Austin Windle Pilkington sets up the Windle Charitable Trust in Kenya,today known as Windle Trust Kenya (WTK) mainly to support needy Kenyan students and also to assist refugees in the country

  • Innovation Meets Education in Dadaab & Kakuma

    The introduction of ATM debit cards for all students in the secondary school scholarship programmes was indeed an exciting phenomenon among students. The card enables students to access their upkeep and travel allowance from any ATM outlet across the country.Read more...

  • A 5 year Country Strategy for WTK which describes our direction and plans in more detail, based on our achievements, our distinctive strengths and the opportunities and threats we face in our operating context.

  • A Journey of Resilience and Hope-Kakuma

    Margaret at 12 years was mature for marriage according to the culture and traditions of the Dinka community. She had been brought up, nurtured and her destiny dictated that at her tender age .more...

  • Change Life

    Get involved,your involvement will change someone`s life.You will enable a refugee child have an access to education thus trnsforming their livelihoods.For correspondence? We are here...

  • Transformation in Dertu

    Dertu is one of the locations WTK oversees in matters of education,In the 2015 KCSE results Dertu girl’s Secondary School managed to produce the top girl in the county..Read more..

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